• I've been successfully supporting creative entrepreneurs for quite some time.

    In 2007 I joined a tiny team of creative beasts working to build a new website named Etsy, a marketplace for artist and entrepreneurs.


    I spent five years leading Etsy Seller Education Team, together we built, supported and educated the community that used this new platform. In that time I worked with thousands of creative small businesses, wrote thousands of pieces of content, and lead hundreds of entrepreneurial workshops.


    I've moved on to build and support other startup communities and teams, and help other creative entrepreneurs and founders bring their dreams to life. I always seek those creative little beasts with grit & dedication. Sound like you? Send me a note, let's chat!

  • Book a consultation, live shop critique, or product development session.




    Looking for help? Need to chat with someone who's been there? Let's get real and chat about what your business is going through, and come up with a plan to get you to your next stage of success.

  • Consulting Sessions

    The best hour you've spend on your business to date.

    I accept no more than 3 clients per week, and follow up with an action plan and detailed report of our call.

    Live Shop Critique

    45 Minute Video Call +

    Follow Up Report

    Fill out the short shop critique questionnaire, and join me for a live shop critique! We'll review your copy (titles, descriptions, etc), SEO (web and marketplace search optimization), photos, branding, marketing, and product development ideas.

    You'll leave with a plan of attack that will take you to your next level of success.


    Included with this live shop critique is a Creative Little Beast Shop Report, sent within 24 hours after your critique session.




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    1:1 Shop Makeover

    1 Hour Video Call +

    Follow Up Report

    We'll review your online shop in real time. Make over your shop details (about page, policies, FAQs), and 5 item listings.

    - Search Engine Optimization

    - Conversion Rates

    - Strategic copy writing

    - Press and blogger outreach

    - Growth hacking

    - Product development


    Within 24 hours, I'll also send you a Shop Makeover report, outline the work we've done, and some additional tips for success and growth.




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    Follow Up Call

    30 Minute Video Call +

    Follow Up Report

    Only available if you have purchased a Shop Critique or Shop Makeover, and want to book a follow up consulting call with me.


    All follow up calls will also get a written report reviewing what we discussed, and any additional advice/suggestions.










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  • Courses

    *All courses send automagically to the email account you sign up with, and start as soon as you purchase.

    Summer Shop Makeover - 6 Week Course
    You've spend your creative energy on the work needed to fill your shop, and now you need it to work FOR you, right? Have a hard time figuring out what to do first, and staying dedicated to this work? Wouldn’t it be nice to get some of these wheels in motion & feel like you’re gaining momentum towards your goals? (more details below)
    Coming soon
  • This course contains 6 hot weeks of focused Summer Shop Makeover sales-boostin' tips and tactics. I pull out all the stops to keep each week's tasks spicy*, fun, and motivating.


    Each week in the Summer Shop Makeover course, you'll get a detailed To Do List, 1-2 worksheets, articles & 'extra credit' resources that will get you found and accelerate your sales (Etsy, Shopify, etc). Your first email will arrive right after purchase, and from there you'll automagically get an update in your email inbox every 7 days.

    Each week is JUICY and packed with work that builds on the last -- branding, copywriting, SEO, marketing & more. Be prepared: I love a DIY-chose-your-own adventure worksheet, be on the look out for a handful of these!


    WEEK 1 - Branding (Brand vision, mission, strength and motivation + makeover plan tips)


    WEEK 2 - Product Development and Inventory (Conversion rates, product that sell work)


    WEEK 3 - Copywriting + Sellin' Yourself in Print (Product pages that produce results)


    WEEK 4 - Marketing (Target market, paid marketing tactics, free marketing tools)


    WEEK 5 - Keywords (Driving traffic that converts with SEO, Etsy titles & tags hacks)


    WEEK 6 - Final Shop Critique + 3 Month Growth Plan


    A+ students with a lot of time to study will cross off all tasks on their weekly 'To Do' list, but there's enough variety here for you to go at your own pace.


    Who is this course for? You're probably a creative entrepreneur, know what you want to sell and have taken a stab at it. Now you want to get to the next level. You want to worry less, and be less reactive (last minute sales no more!). You probably want a very cold slice of watermelon, too.


    *BYO frozen jalapeno margaritas, sadly.

  • More About Me

    Current: Community hacker, entrepreneur enabler, start up consultant.

    Past: Goldsmith, yoga teacher, founding startup team member x 3, animal rescuer.

    I’ve worked in mission driven startups (Etsy, BarkBox, Managed by Q) for 10 years. My ideas, products, events, communities always hit the mark. I have a deep understanding of what communities and people are motivated by. At Etsy, I build the Etsy Seller Education team, and launched the Etsy Success Symposium, the Etsy Seller Handbook, Etsy Holiday Bootcamp, and lead hundreds of workshops, live shop critiques, and in person events for creative entrepreneurs.


    I’ve successfully carved a space for myself, my values, and my products within startups. I know how to start with nothing and build layer by layer to create work others are clamoring to invest their time and money in. I do this with honesty, humor, badassery. I work hard, and bring ideas, products, events to the next level.

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