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24 Hour Shop Makeover

 Here's what you get with your Online Shop Makeover:

  1. Keyword research (A giant list of keywords your competitors use, and suggestions)
  2. Revamped item titles, tags & item descriptions
  3. New shop title & description
  4. Suggested shop sections
  5. Custom growth report (500+ words)

Pick the day you want your Creative Little Beast shop makeover, and within 24 hours, you'll type your URL into your browser and behold, what loads is a online shop that has been revamped from shop title to product keywords. All without you lifting a finger (you'll have used your hands to get more items made and more orders filled)!

The keyword research will give you a brand new insight into what your competitors are doing right (and heck, what they are doing wrong!). You'll also get a big list of keywords that will drive the right kind of traffic to your product pages. These keywords can be useful for titles and tags on Etsy, for your SEO titles and descriptions in Shopify, for Google Adwords, for peppering in blog posts and on social media.

Revamped item listings will not only optimize your shop for search engines, but will make sure once a potential buyer finds your products, they will be romanced and ready to shop!

After your shop has been optimized, you'll get a complete breakdown of what exactly was done, so you can updated new listings and get an idea of what makes a great shop tick. You'll also get tips to help increase your visitors, sales, and tips for getting attention from editors.

The shop makeover is meant to bring your online store to another level, without you having to slave over it. It's not another workshop, an e-book, a lecture, or a consulting call. This is real work done to your business in 24 hours.

There are five spots available each week. Don't miss your chance to have a revamped shop by the weekend!

To book a shop makeover, click through on one of the dates below. I can only work on one shop a day, so this keeps things organized and fast! All I need from you is your shop information, and any info you think I need to know before I dig in. I can log right into your shop and make changes, or pass the updates over to you. Your call.
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